Best Book Series Like Zodiac Academy

9 Best Book Series Like Zodiac Academy by Caroline Peckham

Best Book Series Like Zodiac Academy

The Zodiac Academy books follow twins Tory and Darcy Vega. They live in a world where some people are born special and are able to use elemental magic.

Tory and Darcy discover that they possess supernatural abilities as they are one of the rarest elementals who can use all four types of elements – Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. They are invited to the Zodiac Academy to claim what is rightfully theirs.

A couple of months ago, when I read the Zodiac Academy series by Caroline Peckham, I became obsessed!!! I absolutely loved it and after finishing the books, I immediately went on the internet to find similar books.

I found a couple of great books that are similar to the Zodiac Academy and in this article, I’m going to share with you the 9 Best Books like Zodiac Academy.

  1. Hades x Persephone Series by Scarlett St. Clair
  2. Immortal Academy Series by S.L. Morgan
  3. The Scholomance Series by Naomi Novik
  4. Knox Academy Trilogy by Crystal North
  5. Hillcrest University Series by Candace Wondrak
  6. Bully Boys of Brittas Academy Series by Sofia Daniel
  7. The Veil Diaries Series by B.L. Brunnemer
  8. A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas
  9. Evergreen Academy Series by Ruby Vincent

9. Hades x Persephone Series by Scarlett St. Clair

Persephone is the Goddess of Spring but in name only. Ever since she can remember, she’s never been able to live up to her title as flowers shrivel at the very touch of her. Tired of her life as a goddess, she moves to New Athens to live in disguise as a human journalist.

Hades, the God of the Dead, is also in the human world and has even built a gambling empire there. After a chance encounter, he finds out about Persephone and her situation.

She somehow ends up in a contract with Hades. She is to create life in the underworld or she would lose her freedom forever. Will she be able to overcome her failure’s as a goddess and bring the season of spring to the underworld?

8. Immortal Academy Series by S.L. Morgan

Immortal Academy is an elite school that every supernatural being wishes to attend. Here, you would find all kinds of supernatural creatures from Witches, werewolves, sifters, fairies, and vampires.

One day, Jenna finds that she is a wolf shifter of an immortal shifter bloodline. She is invited to attend the Academy and learn to control her powers. She finds the academy majestic and enchanting but soon, she realizes that something dark is hiding in the school.

One by one immortals start going missing and then the impossible happens an immortal is found dead. This makes her even more desperate for answers and the only person who seems to know what is going on is Dominic Rossi, an alpha wolf and the strongest shifter in the academy.

7. The Scholomance Series by Naomi Novik

Scholomance is a school for magically gifted people. Once you enter this school the only way you can leave is either by graduating or…by dying!! Failure is not an option here as it means certain death.

The rule is simple – beware of the monsters that lurk everywhere.

El is a student at this deadly school and even though she has no allies, she’s more than powerful enough to survive the dangers that lurk in the halls of the school. She’s a dark sorceress possessing dark power so strong that it could easily wipe out all the monsters but if she can’t control it, she could end up killing all the other students as well.

Follow El as she learns to better control her powers and uncovers the many secrets of the Scholomance academy.

6. Knox Academy Trilogy by Crystal North

A stupid prank that went wrong changed everything for Amelie. She thinks that she would be able to get away with a slap on the wrist or community service at worst. But she didn’t expect her abusive and absentee mother to come back.

She gets forced to go to England for three years and attend a reform school there. Her mother is living with the dean of the school and his four sons – Sawyer who’s a teacher at her new school, Kalen the youngest and an attention seeker, and the twins Onyx and Slate.

Now, Amelia will have to live with them too.

10 Best Books Like Vampire Academy by Kristin Cast

5. Hillcrest University Series by Candace Wondrak

Ash thought that Hillcrest University will be her new start. Something that would be able to help her move on from her past and work towards s good future.

Hillcrest University is a school filled with rich boys but she is determined to not let these entitled brats take advantage of her and make her a part of their games.

But soon, she got involved with three guys that are going to change her life at the university. Declan is her roommate and a tortured soul she wishes to watch over, Travis is a sexy tattooed guy, and Sawyer is the king of the school. Sawyer’s sister committed suicide and he blames Declan for her death.

What games are being played in this school and how does Ash fit into all this?

4. Bully Boys of Brittas Academy Series by Sofia Daniel

This is a Reverse Harem romance book with a high school bully trope. It contains many dark themes like abuse and rape. So, read it only if you’re okay with that.

Willow and her twin sister Ashley just lost their parents to a car accident. Now, they were homeless and drowning in debt, and Ashley’s self-centeredness is just making the matters worse.

But then, she gets a scholarship from the Brittas Academy, a prestigious academy for society’s rich and powerful elite. They would even let her bring her sister. This could be their chance to turn their life around and reach for a better future.

Things are looking up for her until she meets the three kings of the academy – Sebastian, Leo and Prakash. They want her to leave the academy as she is not an elite like them and they would do anything to break her.

3. The Veil Diaries Series by B.L. Brunnemer

The Veil Diaries is a Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance book series.

Alexis Delaney is a not-so-normal 17-year-old girl. She is a Necromancer, possessing the ability to see and talk to the dead. The souls of the dead never leave her alone and always find her no matter how hard she tries to hide from them. So, she uses her ability to help them move on to the afterlife, but then new souls come to bother her.

Due to her ability, she hasn’t been able to experience anything that normal teenagers do. But now that’s going to change as she moves in with her uncle and cousin for High School.

On her first day at school, she meets a bitch of a ghost who wouldn’t leave her alone and five good-looking guys who are a bit…nuts. Will she be able to prevent her supernatural ability from messing up her normal teenage life?

2. A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

The story follows Feyre, a 19-year-old huntress, who kills a wolf while hunting. She is then visited by a terrifying creature, Tamlin, who is here to punish her for what she did.

He captures and takes her to a mysterious land where many magical creatures live. There she learns that Tamlin is not truly a beast or at least not all the time. He is an immortal faery who once ruled the world.

Something is not right in this strange land. A wicked ancient power is growing and it is up to Feyre to stop it from destroying the world. Or it will doom both her and Tamlin.

7 Wattpad Werewolf/Vampire Stories Recommendations

1. Evergreen Academy Series by Ruby Vincent

Val comes from a poor family living in a tiny apartment where she has to share her room with her infant brother. But now, she gets to start fresh at the Evergreen Academy, a high school for the rich. Everything was supposed to be perfect but then she met four devilishly handsome guys called “The Knights”.

The academy has a tradition where four students are chosen as the knights by a mysterious group called “The Spades”. The four chosen knights are tasked with maintaining peace and order in the school. These four students basically rule the school.

One night, during a masquerade party, Val saw something she shouldn’t have, and now, many eyes are on her. Soon, the entire school turns against her. What did she see?

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