25+ Best Romance Audiobook Recommendations

25+ Best Romance Audiobooks Recommendations

With so many fantastic Romance audiobooks released every year, I absolutely could not limit myself to a top 10. In this article, I’m going to share with you the 26 Best Romance Audiobooks to check out. I’ve included many romance tropes in the list like College Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Fake-dating, Age Gap, Marriage of Convenience, Mafia Romance, Royalty Romance, and many more.

25+ Best Romance Audiobook Recommendations

Morgan Brothers Series by Lauren Rowe

  • Mister Bodyguard by Lauren Rowe :- It’s a bodyguard romance about a famous singer and her bodyguard. Three months on a tour with a world-famous beauty, will he be able to maintain a professional relationship with her or will he end up succumbing to his desires? He is her bodyguard, her babysitter, anything except her booty call.
  • Hero by Lauren Rowe :- Colby Morgan is a firefighter. After getting injured, he is in the hospital recovering and that’s when he meets Lydia Decker, a single mother of three. Hero by Lauren Rowe is a Hot Single Parent Romance Book, you would definitely love.

Ward Sisters Series by Karla Sorensen

  • Focused by Karla Sorensen :- This is a second-chance forbidden romance story. Molly works for a football team and her boss just gave her an assignment that could get her a promotion. The assignment is to make a documentary on one of their player, Noah a star football player who just transfers to their team.
  • Forbidden by Karla Sorensen :- Isabel works in a gym and one day, her former crush walks in and she finds out that he is the new owner of the gym. Aiden is a former fighter and a single dad. Isabel used to have a celebrity crush on him but he still hasn’t gotten over his wife who passed away.

The Marriage Effect by Karla Sorensen

The Marriage Effect by Karla Sorensen is a Marriage of Convenience Romance Novel. Paige is getting an inheritance but to inherit the money, she needs to get married.

Logan is a football player who has custody of his three younger sisters but after an incident, he may end up losing their custody, and the only way to prevent that is to get married and prove that he will be a good father figure for them. So, Logan and Paige end up having a marriage of convenience.

Inevitable Series by Christina C. Jones

  • Inevitable Conclusions by Christina C. Jones :- This one is a Friends to Lovers Romance. The main characters, Kora and Tariq are in their late 30s. They’ve been friends for over a decade and also friends with benefits when they aren’t dating other people. They tried dating each other but it never worked out but maybe this time it will…
  • Inevitable Addiction by Christina C. Jones :- This is the story of Dawn, daughter of Kora, the female lead in the first book. Dawn is a performer on Broadway and she meets a guy at a grief session because she’s trying to get inspiration for acting. They meet and sparks fly. They can’t stop thinking about each other but they’re afraid of their relationship because of the pain they experienced in the past.

The Wright Brothers Series by Christina C. Jones

  • Getting Schooled by Christina C. Jones :- Getting Schooled is an adult/college romance story with opposites attracts/Enemies to Lovers. Reese becomes a TA for her mom who is a college professor and she meets Jason, a student in her class. This is a fun and steamy audiobook.
  • Pulling Doubles by Christina C. Jones :- This one is a Hate to Love Doctor Romance. Joseph is a doctor and Devyn is a nurse in the same hospital. Devyn has her life all planned out – focus on her career, find a tall and cute husband, and eventually a few babies. And the last person she expected to feel anything for is Dr. Joseph Wright, a man she cannot stand being in the same room with, and the feeling is mutual. This will be perfect for you if you love Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Bending the Rules by Christina C. Jones :- The third book in the series is a Friends to Lovers romance. Toni and Justin haven’t spoken to each other in years after Justin broke a rule they had made. Years later, Toni is back in town for a while. She intends to get her work done and interact as little as possible with her former best friend. But determined to get his friend back, Justin has other plans.

My Life in Shambles by Karina Halle

My Life In Shambles by Karina Halle is a sexy sports romance book set in Ireland. Valerie lost everything – her boyfriend canceled their engagement, fired from her job, and lost her apartment. Her sister proposes a trip to Ireland to take a break from life.

There she meets Padraig, a hot guy, and ends up having a hot one-night stand with him. He later asks her to pose as his fiance for his dad who is dying.

A Nordic King by Karina Halle

Another one by Karina Halle… I love Karina Halle’s books… Nordic King is a Forbidden Royal Romance Book with a nanny/single dad trope along with the Age gap romance trope.

Aurora accepted a job as a nanny for a rich family but she later finds out that the family she would be working for is the Royal family of Denmark and the little girls she would be taking care of are the two princesses of Denmark. While living in the castle, she often runs into King Aksel, the grumpy and royal pain in the ass king.

Fake Boyfriend Series by Eden Finley

  • Fake Out by Eden Finley :- This is a Sports/fake-dating M/M Romance Book. Maddox, a straight guy, lied about his sexuality to his parents and his childhood friend just to get out of marrying her. 5-Years-Later, he is invited to her wedding and he must bring his non-existent boyfriend along. So, he makes a deal with Damon, a former baseball player, that he has to act as his boyfriend for two days and in exchange, Maddox will help him set up a much-needed meeting with a possible client. Soon, Damon will make him question everything he knew about himself.
  • Deke by Eden Finley :- This is also a Sports/fake-dating MM romance. Ollie is a hockey player and he’s not out about his sexuality to his team or media but his parents do know and are very supportive of him, going as far as pressuring him to come out. But he’s not ready and his relationships have suffered because of that. When he’s having dinner with his parents who are nagging him about how he would be much happier after coming out, he meets Lennon, a hot nerdy guy, in the bathroom and asks him to be his fake boyfriend to get the parents off his back.

The Camorra Chronicles Series by Cora Reilly

  • Twisted Loyalties by Cora Reilly :- Leona moves in with her dad because of her drug-addicted mother. Since she’s new in town, she doesn’t know much about the mafia. She gets a job at a bar and ends up meeting the most dangerous man in the mafia, Fabiano. He always gets what he wants and she has caught his attention.
  • Twisted Emotions by Cora Reilly :- This one is a Marriage of Convenience and “Touch Her and You Die” romance novel. Nino is the brother and right-hand man of one of the biggest mafia leaders. Nino’s brother asks him to marry Kiara Vitiello, the daughter of an enemy mafia boss, for the sake of the family and to prevent an all-out war.
  • Twisted Pride by Cora Reilly :- The third book in the series is a Captor/Captive Romance. Remo Falcone is a cruel man in the mafia who rules over his territory with an iron fist and Serafina is the niece of another mafia family. Remo and Serafina’s family are enemies and he kidnaps her on her wedding day. He is determined to break her and she is hell-bent on bringing him to his knees.

Forget Me Not by Q.B. Tyler

Forget me Not by Q.B. Tyler is an amazing audiobook. Bennett and Olivia’s wedding is ruined when she finds out that Bennett had been cheating on her. But due to an incident Bennett loses his memories and forgets that his relationship with his wife is in the ruins. What do you do when your husband remembers your marriage life but not the fact that you’r divorce?

I do NOT recommend this to those who dislike: cheating in any way, shape, or form.

Bergman Brothers Series by Chloe Liese

  • Only When It’s Us by Chloe Liese :- The first book in the series is a college sports/Enemies to lovers romance. Ryder is a deaf hero and she is a soccer player. Enjoy this slow burn about a women’s soccer star and her classmate.
  • Always Only You by Chloe Liese :- The second book is a Forbidden romance. Frankie is on the Autism spectrum and works for a hockey team. Ren Bergman is on the team that Frankie works for and he has been secretly in love with her for a long time. Maybe it’s time for him to act on his feelings.
  • Ever After Always by Chloe Liese :- This one is a marriage-in-crisis romance. Aiden, a professor, loves his wife more than anything. He would do anything to make her happy and the one thing she wants the most is to have a baby but Aiden is not sure if he can give her that. Afraid, he starts to push his wife away, and then one day, she kicks him out of the house. Realizing his mistakes, he must do whatever it takes to save their marriage.

How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams

Naya Turner works at a university and she’s worried that her section will get cut because of funding cuts. Her friends suggest taking a break from worrying. That night, she meets a guy named Jake and they end up having a one-night stand.

Days later, she meets him again and finds out that he works for the company that is evaluating the university she works at and will ultimately make the decision of which section gets cut. Now, she can either pretend nothing happened to save her professional reputation or she can flirt with sweet and charming Jake.

The Trouble With Hating You by Sajni Patel

Liya is a successful engineer who goes all against her Indian family’s customs. She dates, lives alone, and isn’t afraid to have physical relations with men. Her family hates her for that and wants her to get married to a man they choose.

One day, her parents invite a guy named Jay over for dinner in hopes to get her into an arranged marriage with him. Liya and Jay start on the wrong foot but later she finds out that he is a lawyer hired by her company. As they spend more time together and work together, things change.

Dearest Series by Lex Martin

  • Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin :- The first book in the series is a College romance story. Avery, a writer, and a student, was stalked by one of her professors in her freshman year. Now, all she wants is a simple college life with no drama. And her number one rule to achieve that is – no dating. She needs to do research for her romance book and Gavin Murphy, the sexy professor is happy to help. Gavin is the sweetest book boyfriend you will ever see.
  • Finding Dandelion by Lex Martin :- Jax is a soccer player and Dani is his sister’s best friend. Jax always spends one night with a women and then moves on to another. But this time one night won’t be enough. He wants to be with her but situations may tear them apart forever. Will he choose his career? or the girl he loves?
  • Kissing Madeline by Lex Martin :- Maddie is a sports reporter and she decides to never ever date athletes again after she finds her boyfriend cheating on her. Now, all her attention is focused on becoming a broadcast reporter but that’s when she meets Daren, a hot NFL player and her new neighbor.

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