11 Best Sci-Fi Vampire Books To Check Out

I know vampires are a thing of fantasy and supernatural but that doesn’t mean we can’t have them in a science fiction book as well.

Let’s take a look at the best sci-fi vampire books I could find.

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1. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Sci-Fi Vampire Books

The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher is more of a Sci-Fi Fantasy series. It has all kinds of creatures and supernatural beings like vampires.

harry Dresden is the best paranormal investigator since he’s also the only one. He usually works as a private investigator but also helps out the police with cases only he can solve.

Once again when the police come across a strange case, they come to him for help. A double murder has been committed and black magic may have been used for it. It takes a wizard to catch one…

2. The Passage by Justin Cronin

A security breach at a secret U.S. government base leads to the destruction of humanity itself. After a night of chaos and carnage, most of humanity is gone and the world has changed forever. Civilization has crumbled as creatures roam the streets and humans have become their prey.

FBI agent Brad Wolgast is determined to protect the six-year-old girl Amy Harper from all the horror. She is connected to the chilling experiment that was going on in the government base and now, it is her destiny to stop the apocalypse that should have never begun in the first place.

3. I am Legend by Richard Matheson

Sci-Fi Vampire Books

I am Legend is a classic science fiction post-apocalyptic book. It’s a relatively short book with only 162 pages.

Robert Neville is the last man alive as the rest of humanity is already dead, but they’re still walking around. Everyone has been turned into a vampire and they’re all out for his blood.

In the day, he hunts them and by night, he hides himself in his house and hopes for the dawn. How long before the last of humanity also perishes?

4. Blindsight by Peter Watts 

Blindsight is a sci-fi horror with vampires and aliens, though the vampires are not the primary focus of this book.

Over sixty-five thousand alien spaceships have surrounded the Earth. We don’t know what their intentions are as they’re neither attacking us nor are they trying to communicate in any way. They’re just sitting there as humanity holds its breath.

So, scientists decided to make the first contact by sending a team more alien to humans than the ones waiting in space – a vampire brought back from the dead to command the team, a woman with sentient cores as brain, a pacifist warrior, and a man with mechanical body parts.

5. Ringworld by Larry Niven

Aliens discovered a bizarre artificially created world called the Ringworld. It is a circular ring-like world, hundreds of million miles long and ninety million miles in radius.

The ones who discovered it are wary of getting close to it to not encounter the being capable of creating an immense structure like that. So, they’ve created a team of four with two humans, a cat-like alien called a Kzin, and a mad puppeteer.

Their mission was to study the world but after a crash landing leaves the crew with no way off the planet, they embark on a dangerous journey across the Ringworld.

6. Fledgling by Octavia Butler

Shori, a seemingly young girl, wakes up in a cave, covered in wounds, unable to see, and with no memories of who she is. She hunts down deer and devours them raw. Within a couple of days, she’s all healed. She soon learns that she’s actually a genetically enhanced 53-year-old vampire living in the vampire society called the Ina.

Someone has murdered her family and wants her dead as well. She must navigate through the vampire society without her memories, and figure out who it is that wants to destroy her and everyone she cares about.

7. Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin

Riverboat captain Abner Marsh receives an offer too good to be true. Something’s wrong and he’s not willing to get involved in whatever it is. So, he decides to reject the offer, but the promise of gold and a brand new ship changes his mind.

His job is to take the hauntingly pale Joshua York traversing through the Mississippi River, and soon enough, he realizes that he’s gotten himself right in the middle of a sinister but perhaps noble ploy to bring together humanity and vampires.

8. Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons

A hidden order of people with abilities to control people’s minds has been using their powers to commit all kinds of evil acts throughout history while staying in the shadows. Each year, the three most powerful members of this order meet and discuss their ongoing mission of destruction.

Saul Laski rises to meet his destiny and change the fate of the world altogether. It is up to him to hunt the hunters in their next reunion and save the world from their deliberate bloodshed.

9. Vampire Earth Series by E.E. Knight

Vampire Earth is a post-apocalyptic book series with vampires. The first book titled “Way of the Wolf” was published back in 2001 and it has a total of 11 books.

The year is 2065, Earth has been taken over by an alien race called Kurians. Humanity fought back with everything it had but still lost. The world is now ravaged by the Kurian’s bloodthirsty servants called the Reapers, possessed by their hunger and desire for human blood, they are similar to mythological vampires.

We follow Lieutenant David Valentine as he intends to get revenge for the death of his parents. He will hunt down every single one of those creatures.

10. The Madness Season by C.S. Friedman

Hundreds of years ago, an alien race called Tyr invaded Earth and won the war against humanity. The very first thing they did was to banish the most intelligent and the most likely people to start a rebellion. People have forgotten the free Earth before the aliens and now live as slaves.

Daetrin is a vampire, a nearly immortal being, who was alive when the aliens took over. When the Tyrs discover him, they ship him off Earth. We follow him as he struggles with his bloody heritage and his suppressed powerful side.

11. The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson

Three vampire-like aliens have taken over the minds and bodies of many people on Earth using their seductive embraces. Soon, sexual murder cases skyrocketed and terror spread through the world.

It is now up to Carlsen to stop the seductive creatures from causing any more destruction, but it will be tough to do when he himself is attracted to the most beautiful vampire in the world.

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