Yuru Camp Season 3 Release Date
Yuru Camp Season 3 Release Date

Yuru Camp Season 3 Release Date

On October 2022, the 3rd Season of the Yuru Camp anime was announced.

The official announcement also mentioned that they didn’t think they would be able to make it to the third season and that they are looking forward to the start of the broadcast.

Like the previous two seasons and the movie, the third season will also be animated by C-Station studio and directed by Yoshiaki Kyōgoku.

The anime aired its second season from Jan to April 2021 which covered up to the Vol. 9 of the manga. So, the third season will pick up right from Vol. 10, right where the second season left off.

A movie titled “Laid-Back Camp: Movie” was also released in Japan on 1 July which has grossed over $7 million in Japan. The storyline of the movie is original and not from the manga, so, it doesn’t affect the 3rd season in any way.

Release Date

Since the third season was just announced, the anime is still in the production stage.

Nothing has been revealed about the upcoming season including the release date.

We will update this page as soon as more information is released by the creators.

Where To Watch

The anime will air in Japan on AT-X, a Japanese anime television network.

And the English Dub version of the anime will be licensed by Crunchyroll. So, you can watch the anime in English Dub or Sub when it is released on the Crunchyroll platform.


Yuru Camp or Laid-Back Camp is an adventure slice-of-life manga series created by Afro.

Rin Shima enjoys camping but since she doesn’t have anyone to camp with, she just does it alone.

Nadeshiko is a high school girl who one day decides to visit the famous Mount Fuji. But she’s unable to do so because of the weather and is forced to return.

On her way back, she faints and wakes up at night with no way to get back home. Fortunately, she gets saved by Rin who was out camping alone.

When Nadeshiko finds out about Rin’s love for camping, she encourages her to join the school camping club. Now, with their club-mates Chiaki Ogaki and Aoi Inuyama, they travel across Japan, camping and enjoying their lives together.

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