Versus: New Manga by One Punch Man Creator
Versus: New Manga by One Punch Man Creator

Versus: New Manga by One Punch Man Creator

ONE is the pseudonym of the manga artist that created the One Punch Man and the Mob Psycho 100 manga.

He published the first chapter of his first manga One Punch Man on his own website with no official publisher. After it became famous, it was remade and serialized as a series in the Weekly Young Jump magazine.

His manga One Punch Man is still ongoing while Mob Psycho 100 was concluded in 2017.

He recently announced that he is working on a new manga called “Versus”, a battle fantasy story.

The story will be by ONE and the art will be done by Azuma Kyoutarou who also did King of Fighters and Tenkaichi.

Release Date

The first chapter of the manga will be published in the next issue of Shounen Sirius magazine which will be out on 26 November 2022.


The only thing we know about the plot is that it focuses on the story of 47 Heroes who get selected to fight and defeat the 47 demons of the powerful Demon King.

Where to Read the Versus Manga?

The manga series was just announced recently and there have been no words on its English publication.

But, we know how popular One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 are and we can assume that the Versus manga will get its English translations soon after its release.

If you want, you can also read the fan-translated versions but I would recommend you read the official release and support the author.

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