Best Hell’s Paradise PFP Collection For You
Best Hell’s Paradise PFP Collection For You

Best Hell’s Paradise PFP Collection For You

Gabimaru is an infamous ninja assassin known as “The Hollow” because of his emotionlessness when he kills his targets. He’s most probably the most vicious ninja to ever come out of Iwagakure, the ninja village.

But a betrayal results in him ending up in a prison. While waiting for being killed for his crimes, he gets visited by an executioner who offers him a deal.

If he comes with her on a particular mission, he will regain his freedom and be able to meet his wife who he loves more than anything in this world, even his own life. But what’s the mission?

Him along with many other death row criminals are to go to a strange island and acquire an elixir that can make the shogun immortal. In return, they can all be free again. Failure is not an option. But the island turns out to be much more than they can handle. On this island, Hell is only a breadth away.

The anime adaptation of Hell’s Paradise was announced back in January 2021 and is set to premiere on April 1, 2023.

Here are my picks for the Best Hell’s Paradise PFP to choose from.

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Best Hell’s Paradise PFP

Hell’s Paradise is definitely a masterpiece in the Dark Gritty genre. It can broadly be categorized as an Action shounen anime but unlike many other shounen anime, it doesn’t have the cliched “Courage conquers all” or ” The power of friendship” that can help you defeat even the strongest of enemies. It’s a refreshing anime when you watch a lot of the normal shounen anime.

If you enjoyed Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man, then I’m sure you loved Hell’s Paradise as well, as they are kind of similar in a lot of areas.

Gabimaru Hell’s Paradise PFP

Gabimaru is the MC of “Hell’s Paradise” anime. He’s a cold-blooded shinobi assassin infamously known as “Gabimaru the Hollow”. He is also the husband of the daughter of the Iwagakure village chief.

He lived as the best shinobi in the village but when he expressed the desire to retire and live a peaceful life with his wife, he was betrayed by his village and ended up in a prison, sentenced to death.

He is generally a calm person, even in the face of danger or death. But when he’s around his wife Yui, he gets flustered and nervous. He is very faithful to his wife and also immune to seduction as he would never betray her.

Best Yamada Sagiri Hell’s Paradise PFP

Sagiri is a member of the Yamada Clan, a clan that serves as executioner, as well as the former head’s daughter. She is ranked 12th in the entire clan. She ranked second in the manga’s 1st popularity poll.

When the shogun calls for criminals to acquire the immortality elixir for him, she recruits Gabimaru for the mission and is put in charge of him until they come back. Presumably, she’s the only one who knows Gabimaru’s real name.

She was apparently the most difficult character to draw in the manga.

Best Yuzuriha Hell’s Paradise PFP

Yuzuriha is a death-row criminal who also accepts the dangerous mission to go to Kotaku island and acquire the elixir for the shogun in exchange for a pardon of their crimes.

Best Aza Chōbei Hell’s Paradise PFP

Aza is a well-known bandit leader. After getting arrested, he gets offered the mission to acquire the elixir and be free.

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