100+ Best Kakashi PFP | Kid Kakashi PFP Aesthetic
100+ Best Kakashi PFP | Kid Kakashi PFP Aesthetic

100+ Best Kakashi PFP | Kid Kakashi PFP Aesthetic

Kakashi is a ninja feared throughout the world, known by many names such as “Kakashi of the Sharingan Eye”, “The cold-blooded Kakashi”, and many more. He’s a genius and also one of the strongest shinobi in Konoha village.

Things started to go wrong for him after he lost his father to suicide. After that, Obito died as well and he ended up blaming himself for it. Then Rin, Minato, Kushina, and everyone he loved died, pushing him into the darkness.

Fortunately, his friends like Guy and Asuma never gave up on him and were a big part of the reason, Kakashi never gave up on life and managed to get out of the darkness. Near the end of the series, Tsunade retired as the Fifth Hokage and named Kakashi as her successor. After Kakashi, Naruto took on the Hokage position and became the Eighth Hokage, fulfilling his dream.

Kakashi is one of the most loved characters in the anime world. He’s my favorite along with Itachi. We all love his carefree mode but when he gets serious, he’s the coldest mf out there. So, here are my picks for the Best Kakashi Hatake Aesthetic PFP.

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Best Kakashi Hatake PFP

Kakashi is super talented and a genius. People often look for him for advice and leadership. He’s a great teacher to Team 7, always teaching them about the importance of teamwork and comrades.

He’s a super cool character, often having a very relaxed and bored expression. Despite his extraordinary abilities and growing reputation, he never showed signs of arrogance and attitude. He’s always modest about his powers and abilities.

He’s always there for his students and friends and would do anything to protect them. He even once threatened to kill Orochimaru when the latter wanted Sasuke’s body.

Kid Kakashi PFP

Kakashi has been a genius since he was a kid. He always got top grades at the academy and earned a reputation as a prodigy. At the small age of 5, he graduated from the academy at the top of the class. Along with Rin and Obito, he became a member of the team under Minato Namikaze. At age 6, he competed in the Chunin Exams and passed after defeating Might Guy.

Sad Kakashi PFP

Kakashi suffered a lot from a very young age. He lost his mother when he was just a baby and was raised by his father alone. But then his father committed suicide after the village blamed him for not following the rules and saving his comrades.

Kakashi decided that he would never make the mistake his father made and always prioritize rules above everything else. This thinking of his eventually led to the death of Obito who decided to save Rin rather than follow the rules.

After that, he lost Rin as well, and then Minato and Kushina died too, making him the only member alive of his team.

Cool Kakashi PFP

Kakashi possesses many abilities and has mastered over a thousand jutsu using his Sharingan, giving him the name “Copy Ninja Kakashi”. His powers were even acknowledged by Tsunade who said he’s one of the strongest in the village.

His strength and various accomplishments earned him the respect of his fellow shinobi. His opponent would either be scared of fighting him or be excited at the idea of fighting Kakashi of the Sharingan. He was even tasked to watch over Naruto and make sure the seal holding Kuruma doesn’t break.

After Itachi massacred the Uchiha clan, Sasuke was consumed by his desire to get revenge and kill Itachi. Kakashi noticed this and tried to bring Sasuke back on the right path. Kakashi himself was once consumed by such hatred and pain of losing everyone he cared about but he never gave up and wanted to make sure Sasuke doesn’t either. But he couldn’t and Sasuke defected the village, joining hands with Orochimaru.

Pain even considered him a threat to his plans and was keen on killing him as soon as possible. This was further validated when he fought against many powerful reincarnated shinobi and won. He was also on par with Obito who had become exceptionally strong under the tutelage of Madara.

After losing his Sharingan, he couldn’t safely use Chidori. He created the Purple Lightning we saw in Boruto anime as a replacement for Chidori.

Trivia About Kakashi

  • Dubbing Kakashi in other languages was much easier since he always wears a mask and there’s no need for lip-syncing the dialogues. This also made a bunch of his dialogues different from their Japanese versions.
  • A huge part of his personality was influenced by Obito’s words to him, “Those who abandon their friends are worse than scum”. He always tried to teach Obito’s words to genin students he was made in charge of and Team 7
  • In the game Ultimate Ninja, the developers jokingly added the One Thousand Years of Death as an actual attack that Kakashi uses.
  • Kakashi was the first character to have had an implanted Sharingan.

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