15+ Best Kakashi Hatake Quotes For His Fans
15+ Best Kakashi Hatake Quotes For His Fans

15+ Best Kakashi Hatake Quotes For His Fans

Kakashi is a powerful Jounin ninja from Konoha village, feared throughout the world by many names such as “Kakashi of the Sharingan” and “Kakashi the Cold-Blooded Killer”. He mastered over 1000 different Jutsu using his Sharingan. He’s one of the most revered and feared characters in the Naruto world.

Kakashi is one of my favorite characters in the anime as he’s always there for his students and would do anything to protect those he cares about since he’s lost many people already. But even though he experienced the loss of many loved ones, he never gave up on himself.

Throughout the anime, Kakashi has said many memorable things and thought-provoking quotes, and today, We’re going to look at some of Kakashi’s Best Quotes. Also, Check out our 100+ Best Kakashi PFP Collection.

1. “The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It is one of the endless cycles of life”

This quote by Kakashi perfectly summons up the fact that the new generation of shinobi has already surpassed their predecessors including himself. He recognized the potential in Sasuke which closely resembled his own in his younger days. After Sasuke defected, he focused more on Naruto, even helping him perfect the Rasenshuriken.

Eventually, both Naruto and Sasuke surpassed Kakashi and everyone else from the older generations, becoming the strongest shinobi in the world.

2. “This place makes me think about the mistakes I’ve made, and I’ve had many”

Kakashi has lost many people in his life including his father and his friends, and for a long time, he blamed himself to a certain degree for all the people who died, since he wasn’t able to protect his comrades.

But with the help of his friends (like Guy) and his students, he was truly able to overcome the pain. I still can’t believe Pain had the audacity to say “Know Pain” to my man Kakashi. The only person I think who’s been through the same amount of pain as him is Itachi Uchiha.

3. “Those who break the rules are trash but those who leave their friends are worse than the trash”

After witnessing what his father went through, he decided not to make the same mistakes and always prioritize Shinobi rules, though he soon realized that there’s something else that holds more importance than rules.

He’s a shinobi who strictly follows the rules and regulations but he would never put rules above his comrades. He would abandon rules in a second to protect his friends. He believes that if you would rather abandon your friends than break the rules, then you’re worse than scum.

4. “Those Without Many Abilities Tend To Complain More”

People are never born equals, some are born with talents and some are not. Objectively, not everyone is born with the agility, power, and skills necessary to become a skilled shinobi. But if you genuinely seek to become stronger, you would put in the time and effort necessary.

When Kakashi said, “Those Without Many Abilities Tend To Complain More”, he was criticizing the ones who lack the perseverance and determination to become stronger.

5. “The hole in the heart is filled with those around you”

The people who have been through as much as Kakashi can be counted on hands. He lost many of his loved ones starting with his father who committed suicide. Losing so many people led to him falling into depression.

All the pain created a hole in his heart and it stayed that way for a long time. But he still had his friends like Guy and Asuma, who didn’t give up on him. Soon, he also became the teacher of team 7 and the hole in his heart started to fill.

6. “As long as you do not give up, there will always be salvation”

After Kakashi lost Obito due to his belief that rules take priority over their comrades, he got depressed and Rin’s death at his hands made it even worse. When Minato died as well, he was the only member left of his old team, adding further to his darkness and grief.

But after he became the teacher of Team 7, he slowly found some peace within himself, typically having a bored and relaxed attitude. Though he was still far from being completely healed, he knew that as long as he didn’t give up on life, he will find salvation.

7. “You’ll only tear yourself apart and even if you can succeed with your revenge, what would you have then…nothing, emptiness”

After Itachi killed the entire Uchiha clan including their parents, Sasuke was hell-bent on getting revenge on him. To make matters worse, the fact that Naruto was slowly getting much stronger than him, made him much worse and he was slowly getting consumed by his thirst for revenge.

Kakashi noticed what he was going through and decided to talk with him, trying to convince him that revenge would get him nowhere and that he would only stray further and further if he continued on this path.

8. “To know what is right and to ignore it, is to act like a coward”

Kakashi hated himself for choosing to follow rules rather than save Rin with Obito which eventually lead to Obito’s death. This scarred him so much that even years after Obito’s death, he still blamed himself and often visited his grave.

All the painful events in his life taught him that no shinobi should ever give up on their comrades and if you actively ignore what is right, that makes you a coward and a scum.

9. “If the companions whom you trust are gathered around you, hope takes physical form and becomes visible—that is what I believe in”

Kakashi’s life was filled with loneliness after he lost his father, his friends, and even his master. The loneliness took him on a very dark path after he joined ANBU and came to be known as the Cold-Blooded Kakashi.

But his friends Might Guy and Asuma never gave up on him. Guy even requested to join the ANBU just to be closer to Kakashi during the worst time of his life. Eventually, Kakashi was able to grow as a person and come out of the dark alleys of life, and his comrades played a big part in it.

10. “As For My Hobbies…I Have Lots Of Hobbies”

Once Sakura said that they don’t know anything about Kakashi like what are his hobbies, his goals, and his likes or dislikes. Kakashi replies, “I’m Kakashi Hatake. Things I like and things I hate? I don’t feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future? I’ve never really considered that. As For My Hobbies…I Have Lots Of Hobbies”

But we all know what’s his favorite hobby – reading the Icha Icha Paradise novels. He even reads it while testing Team 7 with the Bell test.

11. “They say that the nail that sticks up is the one that gets hammered down”

Kakashi said this quote to Sasuke during the Bell test. Team 7 was first formed, and Kakashi made the team go through the Bell test in which they were challenged to take the bells from him within a time limit.

In the test, Sasuke proved his skills and unique qualities but Kakashi reminded him that being unique and different doesn’t necessarily mean he’s better. He stated that “The nail that sticks up will get hammered down”, referring to Sasuke as the nail.

12. “Some people want power and they get mad when they don’t get it. They take their fury out on everyone else. If you don’t want it; it becomes you”

Kakashi understands that if the wrong people possess too much power it would only result in destruction. Those who actively seek immense power are the ones who deserve it the least. Such power-hungry people would always abuse their power and harm others in the process.

The ones who truly deserve power are the people who desire it the least and such people should be the ones in charge. His quote that – “If you don’t want it, it becomes you”, is applicable in real life as well.

13. “I don’t care if you are one of the legendary Sannin, the great shinobi of legend, I swear take one more step towards Sasuke and one of us will die here!”

Orochimaru has always been obsessed with becoming immortal and he found a way to change bodies and remain youthful forever. At first, he wanted to take over Itachi’s body because of the Sharingan he possessed but since he was easily defeated by the latter, he decided to go after the weaker Uchiha, Sasuke.

But Sasuke had Kakashi protecting him and when he tried to approach Sasuke, Kakashi threatened to kill him if he takes another step. He didn’t care if Orochimaru was one of the legendary Sannin, he would put his life on the line to protect Sasuke.

14. “In the shinobi world, those that break the written and unwritten rules are deemed trash… but be that as it may… Those that would disregard their comrades so easily are even worse than trash. And those who don’t have the decency to respect the memories of their comrades are the worst”

Kakashi respects and follows rules but he would never abandon his morals to follow the rules of the shinobi world. He believes that people who break rules are scum but if you would rather abandon your comrades than break the rules, then you’re even worse than scum.

Losing Obito and Rin took a huge toll on Kakashi’s mental health which is why he always taught his students to protect and take care of each other. He also regretted the fact that he couldn’t prevent Sasuke from turning to the dark side.

15. “Today, I Got Lost On The Road Of Life”

Kakashi is known for being fashionably late to important meetings and classes with his students, and he always has some excuse prepared for why he was late. One such excuse that sticks out the most is “Today, I Got Lost On The Road Of Life”.

Once you get to know Kakashi’s story and what he’s been through, you realize that it wasn’t exactly an excuse. He actually did get lost on the path of life after losing everyone he cared for. But despite that, he proved to be the best mentor for Team 7.

16. “The very fact of living itself means you’re always fighting for your life”

17. “No matter what happened, you did the best you could”

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