New Berserk Chapter Release Date Announced: Chapter 372
New Berserk Chapter Release Date Announced: Chapter 372

New Berserk Chapter Release Date Announced: Chapter 372

A new chapter of Berserk Manga is coming out soon!!! Here’s what we know so far.

The last chapter of the highly popular Berserk manga came out on 9th December 2022. Since the last page of chapter 371 didn’t give any date for the next chapter, many people feared it was going on a hiatus again.

On April 11, it was announced that the Berserk manga would return in the upcoming Young Animal magazine issue 9-10/2023 which will be out on April 28 in Japan.

Countdown to Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

Once again we can see Guts seeking his own path and Griffith trying to sacrifice anything and anyone to achieve his goals and dreams.

Berserk Plot

Born under the tree his mother hung from, Guts experienced a terrible childhood. He grew up fighting and killing people to survive in the cruel world. His only purpose in life was to survive until he met Griffith.

After losing a fight against Griffith, he’s forced to join the “Band of the Falcon”, a mercenary group under Griffith’s command. He soon learns the meaning of camaraderie, love, and a sense of belonging. Together, they achieve many feats such as their success during the Hundred Years’ War. But eventually, Guts became dissatisfied with following Griffith’s dream and leaves the band.

Griffith’s actions causing the Eclipse result in horrifying consequences. Very soon, what seemed like a march for glory and conquest turns into a struggle for humanity itself.

Will Guts, a simple swordsman, be able to save humanity when he can’t even save himself or his lover? Will he be able to face his once-best friend or will he lose into the darkness he’s experienced his entire life?

Berserk is a highly loved Dark Fantasy manga series, considered one of the most creative, enjoyable, mind-blowing, flawlessly drawn fantasy mangas. It’s an epic tale with ferocious monsters, betrayals, sadistic leaders, and much more.

Berserk Story So Far

As we saw in the last chapter titled “A Dying Light in the Pitch Black Night”, Guts is reliving his dark days, and is getting entrenched deeper and deeper in the despair all of it has caused him. Schierke uses body projection to find Guts and realizes just how much mental anguish he’s experiencing at the loss of Casca.

On the other hand, several of Griffith’s followers are waiting for his return at the port. Flying down, Zodd and Griffith descend down with Casca in Griffith’s hand and a smile on his face.

Berserk Manga News

Berserk is without a doubt a great phenomenon in the manga and anime world but the manga’s creator Kentaro Miura passed away in 2021, leaving his greatest work incomplete. After his death, it was decided that the series would be continued by Kentaro’s best friend Kouji Mori, a manga artist known for works like the Jisatsutou series.

I personally wanted the series to end with chapter 364, the last chapter created by Kentaro Miura. In the last chapter, Casca regained her memories, though at a price. Guts’ journey to bring back her memories had finally come to an end, and the lack of a conclusive ending would’ve been good as well. Even many fans believed that this ending fit well with the dark ambiance of the story and the idea that the endings are not always happy.

Berserk manga returned on June 20, 2022, with two new chapters. Miura plans to follow the story exactly how Kentaro planned and told him.

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